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Why slot car racing is attracting a new generation of drivers

Slot cars

Pull the trigger and you’re racing.

Slot car racing is a game that involves racing powered miniature cars fitted to groves, or slots, on a race track. Players compete in races against each other, constantly working to improve their technique and their speed in an effort to win.

Hand-held triggers are used to operate the slot cars and control their speed as they swerve around corners, spin through 360 degree loops and rush towards the finish line.

Slot car racing became incredibly popular in the 1960s, with many taking up the activity as a serious hobby and competing in tournaments.

Director of Race Party Noirin Mosley said slot car racing was attracting a new generation of players, including long-time enthusiasts of the game as well as newcomers.

“We’ve seen the baby-boomer generation who grew up racing slot cars return to the track to relive the excitement and energy of the game. They love the sense of nostalgia that comes with going back to an old hobby,” she said.

But there have been an increasing number of young children and teenagers heading to Race Party to try their hand at slot car racing, Ms Mosley said.

“We’re seeing more and more of the upcoming, younger generation embrace slot car racing.

Perhaps it’s because the game offers them a completely different experience to playing a computer or screen-based game,” she said.

Slot car racing requires players to be on their feet, actively engaged and interacting with others.

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“Players have to be physically present to participate in the same game, meaning there are opportunities to chat, cheer on each other and work together as a team. It’s a really personalised experience,” Ms Mosley said.

Slot car racing is an easy and accessible game for players of all ages and abilities, which may explain its appeal, Ms Mosley adds.

“As players get more involved in the racing, they are encouraged to improve their skill to guide the car along the track and keep them from flying off in the turns. The game is very engaging in this sense because it allows anyone to play but also fosters some healthy competition.”

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Well it’s time to revisit all that slot-car racing again at Race Party!

You will race your friends, family or colleagues on custom designed, state of the art race tracks, using model slot cars and remote controls.

When not racing you can be a spectator or a marshal getting your friend’s racing cars back on the track too!


Try the Albert Park track for it’s challenging corners and loops or the Monaco track for it’s own loops, angles and super fast runs.
Test yourself, by controlling your car while outracing your opponents.

Enjoy the thrill and diversion of Race Party. Ideal to get the creative juices flowing, de-stressing after a busy day or just celebrating fun times and special events. Race Party has something for absolutely everyone!


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