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Planning the perfect pre-teen kids party

While your kids are really young it's pretty easy to throw a party for them as they are easily entertained, but things get a bit trickier once your kids turn 8. They're not quite old enough yet for teenage-style parties but too old for things like soft play centres.

As your kids get older, it might feel a bit daunting to plan and throw a great party for them, but we’ve got you covered.

Here are some tips for planning the perfect children’s party:

Who should I invite?

The guest list can be difficult, as inviting too many children can blow your budget and make it harder to plan activities.

First, work out a budget for the party, and how much the cost-per-head will be, before drawing up a guest list. Having too many children around can also be a bit overwhelming for the birthday child, so consider keeping the guest list to close friends. A dozen or so guests is usually ideal for pre-teen parties.

Next, you’ll need to lock in a theme so you can put together the perfect invite.

Getting the theme right

Children tend to develop strong ideas about what they want as they get older, so chat with them about the party to get them interested and involved.

Some kids will want a themed party based on their favourite movie or TV show, or they might want to do something specific with their friends. Once you've got some inspiration direct from the source, you can begin thinking about the best ways to bring their party to life and craft a day they’ll never forget.

Our photo booth helps kids to make memories with their friends that will last.

Our photo booth helps kids to make memories with their friends that will last.

Bringing the party to life

Never assume that a group of children will entertain themselves. Not providing enough entertainment is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Think about how long the party will last and how long each activity will take. It's always better to have too much planned for a party than not enough, so make sure the entertainment is at the heart of your party planning. You could:

  • Hire a professional party entertainer to keep the kids engaged
  • Set up activity stations (e.g. tables with games, toys or craft tables)
  • There are also great venues you can book like Race Party, which offers professional entertainment and plenty of fun activities that kids will love.

Fun activities on and off the track will keep everyone having fun, so you can sit back and relax.

Keeping the energy levels high!

So now you’ve got your guests, theme and venue worked out, you need to make sure everyone has the fuel they’ll need to keep the party going strong.

Nothing is more difficult to control than a room full of hungry children, so consider timing lunch or dinner early into the party. Make sure you ask parents to RSVP with details of any food allergies, and choose a wide variety of foods so that picky eaters will find something to enjoy.

Planning your child's party can be a bit of a minefield, so it's important to plan as far in advance as possible, to think about the needs of your child's guests, and to make sure things are well organised. Of course, the birthday child comes first so think about the things your child likes, and then start planning for a crowd.

Race Party offers fully catered parties. Making a quick pit-stop means more time on the track!

Race Party offers fully catered parties. Making a quick pit-stop means more time on the track!

Book a hassle-free children’s party at Race Party

If you like the idea of having everything pre-planned and taken care of for your child’s party, then consider booking your next child’s birthday at Race Party.

We take the hassle out of party planning by offering all-inclusive packages that include slot car racing, catering, birthday cakes and extra entertainment such as dress-ups at our photo booth.

Parents can rest assured that their child and their friends will enjoy a unique and action-packed party while having all of the nitty gritty details taken care of by the venue.

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