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Keep the Kids Entertained this Coming School Holiday at Race Party

With the school holidays fast approaching, most parents across Melbourne are busy trying to come up with creative and exciting activities to keep their children occupied. All parents will agree that it can be quite a challenge to keep their little ones entertained when school is out so know that you’re not alone if you’re currently looking for a fun activity to keep your kids busy!

At Race Party, we have got years of experience when it comes to throwing children’s parties that keep young people from the ages of 6 to 16 completely engaged and entertained. We know what it takes to ensure that young people have a great time and make fantastic memories, and we’re using this expertise and experience to provide Melbourne parents with the ultimate holiday activity for their children during this school break.

The Timeless Appeal of Slot Car Racing

People of all ages have been racing slot cars for over a century. From casual racers who enjoy the novelty and competitive atmosphere to dedicated hobbyists who build their own vehicles and tracks, the activity attracts people from all walks of life with its unique blend of excitement and nostalgic charm.

This school holiday, you can arrange for your child to experience first-hand the energy and excitement of slot car racing right here in Melbourne. In an environment of friendly competition and fun, your child can select a premium model vehicle and race against their friends along the twists and turns of the novel and exciting tracks we have here at Race Party.

With structure and guidance provided by the professional and approachable Race Party staff, children of all ages will be able to enjoy the thrill of engaging in this classic pastime – and some may even sew the seeds of a passion that will develop into a lifelong hobby!

And because we’ve been throwing children’s parties for many years here at Race Party, you can be confident that we’ll think of everything to ensure that your child has a great experience and has plenty to tell his or her classmates about upon returning to school.

We’ve provided fun and laughter, as well as plenty of child-friendly snacks and refreshments like mini pizzas, chicken nuggets soft drinks, for hundreds of parties – and now we’re ready to provide the same levels of service and dedication to ensure that this school holiday is one your child won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

The Deal

For just $90, you can book your child onto a three-day all-inclusive race program during which you won’t have to worry about finding ways to keep them amused and entertained.

For the entire duration of the three-day period, various races and competitions will take place under the guidance of the experienced and enthusiastic Race Party team. And, after the three days of racing and competing are over, a final race champion will be crowned!

Whether your child becomes the champion or not, they’ll undoubtedly leave with happy memories and lots of new stories and friends. All participants will also leave with a greater understanding of the classic, traditional games and hobbies that have been enjoyed by children and adults alike for many decades.

This really is a unique opportunity for children to learn and interact during the school holidays, all while having fun in the spirit of good-natured competition!

The Dates

The three-day program will be running during the upcoming holidays, from the 9th April - 11th April. If you’re interested in booking a place for your child or children, then simply contact a member of the Race Party team either online on https://raceparty.rezdy.com/2…/drivers-club-holiday-program…or by telephone on 03 98821391.

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Well it’s time to revisit all that slot-car racing again at Race Party!

You will race your friends, family or colleagues on custom designed, state of the art race tracks, using model slot cars and remote controls.

When not racing you can be a spectator or a marshal getting your friend’s racing cars back on the track too!


Try the Albert Park track for it’s challenging corners and loops or the Monaco track for it’s own loops, angles and super fast runs.
Test yourself, by controlling your car while outracing your opponents.

Enjoy the thrill and diversion of Race Party. Ideal to get the creative juices flowing, de-stressing after a busy day or just celebrating fun times and special events. Race Party has something for absolutely everyone!


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