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Enjoy Corporate Team Building With Race Party

One of the Best Corporate Team Building Activities Around

Finding fun corporate team building events just got easier with Race Party. We provide the perfect opportunity for your staff to let off a bit of steam while building those all-important team skills.

And, as our 90s style slot car racing is also a great way to take part in a bit of healthy competition, it’s not just one of the best corporate team activities around, but it’s one of the most enjoyable too.


Team Building Activities and Business, All Rolled into One

Unlike some other corporate team building activities in Melbourne, there are no ropes to climb, no bridges to build and no getting dirty outdoors. We offer the kind of corporate team building exercises businesses love as it enables you to have some friendly, competitive fun and combine a work element into your day.

And that’s because, in addition to your time on the track, we provide a fully equipped meeting or conference room, complete with everything you need to give a presentation, carry out a brainstorming session, or have your annual sales meeting.

Test your Driving Skills

Not only will your team get to test their driving and race skills, but they'll also get to be marshals.

Our slot car racing is a great competitor and spectator sport and it gives your staff the chance to race, compete and build alliances, and experience the thrills and spills of slot car racing while fighting for a place on the Winners’ Rostrum.

You’ll get to see which of your staff members are competitive and which are cooperative in a fun and social setting, and give your team a welcome break from the routine of normal everyday work life.

All our corporate team building events include a full hour’s racing on one of our state of the art race tracks, and are suitable for a maximum of 24 participants.

Choose the Corporate Team Building Event that Fits into Your Schedule

We appreciate that businesses have tight schedules, and that’s why we offer a choice of team building events.

With the option to book a quick 90 minutes ‘Pit Stop’ or one of our full or half day corporate events, businesses will find it easy to fit one of our team building events into your busy diary.

And with research showing that giving your staff the opportunity to build strong team relationships outside the normal working environment is essential to ensure the success of your company, team building days like this are an important part of your business planning.

What’s more, staff regular team building events are also the key to a happier workforce and better all-round communication.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your event now

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Well it’s time to revisit all that slot-car racing again at Race Party!

You will race your friends, family or colleagues on custom designed, state of the art race tracks, using model slot cars and remote controls.

When not racing you can be a spectator or a marshal getting your friend’s racing cars back on the track too!


Try the Albert Park track for it’s challenging corners and loops or the Monaco track for it’s own loops, angles and super fast runs.
Test yourself, by controlling your car while outracing your opponents.

Enjoy the thrill and diversion of Race Party. Ideal to get the creative juices flowing, de-stressing after a busy day or just celebrating fun times and special events. Race Party has something for absolutely everyone!


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