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How to plan a memorable Christmas party for your staff

How to plan a memorable Christmas party for your staff

Planning your office Christmas party can be incredibly fun and a little bit daunting, particularly when it comes to making big decisions for the whole team.

But with some early preparation, planning your work Christmas party will be an easier and more enjoyable process.

Here are some tips for planning a memorable work Christmas party.

Set the date and budget

We all know that silly season can, indeed, be silly. It’s a busy time of year, packed with lots of social events and diaries fill up quickly. Setting the date can be a tricky part of planning a corporate Christmas party, so it’s best to lock in a date well in advance so there’s no last-minute rush. Once the date is set, it’s a good idea to send staff a ‘save the date’ email. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the other details lined up at this stage but informing staff early will mean you’ll have a better chance of ensuring a good turnout.

When it comes to the budget, set it early and figure out how far you can stretch your funds. Establish staff expectations and consider allocating your money to the aspects of the party that will be most important to the employees.

Decide on the type of party you want to have

Each organisation will theme their work Christmas party differently according to their company culture, values, staff numbers, and budget.

One of the first aspects to consider is whether you are hoping to hold your Christmas party during the day, early evening or into the night.

Then, decide on the style of the party. Is it to going to be formal or casual? Will it include a sit-down meal? Will the party be activity-based? Many corporate Christmas parties include specific activities to keep staff engaged so consider whether this element will work for your event.

Christmas party

Source the venue

Once again, it’s important to get in early when choosing a venue, as they book up quickly around the holiday period.

Identify suitable venues according to your theme and budget, and then work from there.

Ask the following questions: Does the venue cater to the number of people for your party? Is the venue located near transport options so staff members can get home easily? Is catering available? Is the venue licensed?

Make sure you get a well-rounded description of the venue and check that it meets your requirements.

Make it a memorable Christmas party at Race Party

This year, why not plan a deluxe corporate Christmas party at Race Party? The venue offers boutique slot car racing, which is sure to be a unique, exciting and inclusive activity that your staff will love.

Our venue offers catering and is fully licensed, meaning your staff can enjoy some drinks and nibbles while improving their lap time on the race track.

At Race Party, we offer all-inclusive packages which incorporates everything including slot car racing, food , drinks and extra activities. This means no unexpected costs will pop up, making it easy for you to budget for your Christmas party.

The Race Party team are dedicated to throwing seamless, exciting parties that your staff will love - and be talking about until next Christmas!

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