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Slot Car Racing: From Underground Hobby To An All Inclusive Game

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There’s nothing new about slot car racing – it’s been around for decades and is a well-loved game by enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

From early beginnings in 1911, to gaining worldwide popularity in the late 1950s, and attracting today’s new generation of younger drivers, slot car racing has appealed to people for a long time.

But the biggest shift in slot car racing is how the activity has evolved from an underground hobby to a more widespread and all-inclusive game.

Director of Race Party Noirin Mosley said slot car racing was no longer limited to small groups that gather to race or a niche hobby that people take up in their retirement years.

“In the 1950s and 1960s slot car racing became incredibly popular and many enthusiasts took up the activity as a serious hobby and competed in tournaments,” she said.

“But nowadays, we are seeing a shift – you don’t have to be a die-hard hobbyist to be welcomed to slot car racing. Venues such as Race Party allow young children, teenagers, adults and even senior citizens to dabble in the game at their leisure. In many ways, slot car racing is more accessible now than it ever has been. It’s become a very friendly game.”

Ms Mosley said because slot car racing attracted such a broad audience, the activity was becoming more prevalent.

“We are seeing an increase in the amount of people showing an interest in and trying out slot car racing. We’ve also noticed that our players are more diverse that they’ve ever been – they are from all age groups, backgrounds and abilities. And I think that is one of the biggest appeals of slot car racing. It’s an all-inclusive game,” she said.

Slot car racing in action

The characteristics of slot car racing have also developed in recent years, making the game more fascinating and captivating, Ms Mosely said.

“Slot car racing has become more sophisticated, with intricate race tracks, a range of car models to choose from and special features such as team racing challenges all contributing to its appeal.

“For example, at Race Party players can race different slot car models, they can enjoy the personalisation of our Albert Park and Monaco inspired race tracks or participate in our regular competitions and challenges. There truly is something for everyone which is why I believe slot car racing is developing into a more widespread game.”

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Well it’s time to revisit all that slot-car racing again at Race Party!

You will race your friends, family or colleagues on custom designed, state of the art race tracks, using model slot cars and remote controls.

When not racing you can be a spectator or a marshal getting your friend’s racing cars back on the track too!


Try the Albert Park track for it’s challenging corners and loops or the Monaco track for it’s own loops, angles and super fast runs.
Test yourself, by controlling your car while outracing your opponents.

Enjoy the thrill and diversion of Race Party. Ideal to get the creative juices flowing, de-stressing after a busy day or just celebrating fun times and special events. Race Party has something for absolutely everyone!


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