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Choosing the right slot car: How our different models compare on the track

The Mini Cooper, Lotus and Soft shell slot cars

The Mini Cooper, Lotus and Soft shell slot cars

When it comes to racing slot cars, the model and features of the car can have a profound impact on driver performance.

The powered miniature cars, guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs, can race differently depending on a range of factors including its weight, size and aerodynamics.

General Manager at Race Party Ian Chick said different models of slot cars allowed players to race at different speeds and test their skills on the track.

“Some of our slot cars allow for more control on the track while others give you the chance to push the limits and challenge your technique,” he said.

Mr Chick said Race Party offered three different types of slot cars for players to race. They include:

Mini cooper racing around the track

1. Mini Cooper slot car

The Scalextric brand Mini Cooper features rally art on the windows and two figurines inside each car – the driver and the navigator. It’s the most recent model of slot cars that Race Party has acquired in their collection.

The Mini Cooper sits slightly higher than the Lotus models and requires more skill when turning corners because they have a higher centre of gravity. The model has a strong and steady frame and Michelin branded tyres. These slot cars are great for first-time racers who are learning their way around the race track and developing their skills and speeds around corners.

For both the Mini Cooper and Lotus models, Race Party removes the front tyres on the slot cars to allow for greater contact and control on the track, meaning players can reach higher speeds.

The Mini Cooper model can complete the Race Party track in 10 - 11 seconds.

Lotus Slot car

2. Lotus (Exige and Evora GT4) slot car

Also of the Scalextric variety, the Lotus Exige and Evora GT4 models are available at Race Party.

These cars have a sleek design, headlights, working rear lights, magnatraction and easy change braids. It grips well to the track, accelerates rapidly through long straights, takes corners well and is generally quite predictable on the track.

The Lotus models sit lower on the track compared to the Mini Cooper, allowing for greater speed on corners which gives drivers the chance to push the limits and refine their technique.

The Lotus models can complete the Race Party track in 9 seconds.

Soft shell

3. Soft shell slot car

The soft shell slot cars available at Race Party are made from a Perspex acrylic mould and each model has its own unique number and colour.

Each model features headlights, sponsors brands on cars, magnets for weighting and neoprene tyres.

As the soft shell slot cars are lighter in weight and wider in the body compared to the Mini Cooper and Lotus models, they have a more liberal range of movement on the track. Players who can drive well will enjoy testing the speed of the soft shell model, as it can drift along the track and take corners at higher speeds.

This model is a great option for season players and those looking to challenge their technique on the track. Once you’ve used the soft shell model, you won’t want to go back!

The soft shell model can complete the Race Party track in 7 seconds.

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