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Top 8 tips for planning an amazing work event


Planning your first ever business event can be a daunting prospect. Whether it’s a lunch for your best customers, a workshop for potential customers at your accounting firm or just a way to thank customers for their ongoing business and support, hosting an event is a great way to help attract new customers, reinforce partnerships with existing clientele and create a positive vibe around your company.


But if you have never hosted an event before the whole process can be very intimidating. Yes, there are many different aspects that you need to be nailed to pull off a great event, but don’t let that scare you off.


Have a read through our top 8 tips for hosting a successful work event:


1. Know the end game

What is the main purpose for hosting the event? Is the event a contact building exercise, a product launch or some kind of media event? Being clear in your motivation will help you when making key decisions.


2. An intimate affair or an extravaganza

What kind of event will you plan? Based on your event goals and all other factors, decide what type and what scale of event you will run. While a grand ballroom event may look amazing and get tongues wagging, if it doesn’t help to achieve your original aim you are likely wasting valuable time and money. 


3. Timing is key

Get out your calendar and plan when the best time for your event is. Choose a time that not only suits both yourself and all of your guests, but one that also allows ample time for event preparation, invitations and content planning. Don’t forget to avoid conflicts with major events, holidays and other distractions that can impact your event’s effectiveness.


4. Many hands make light work

Utilise all of the resources you have to increase the chances of hosting a great event. Have one person in charge (it may or may not be you) to oversee and pull everything together but draw on the strengths and experience of others to get things done. By assigning roles to the correct people you will complete all of the small tasks and ensure that all of the small but essential details are attended to.


5. Plan it out

Meet with your planning team (or if you are on your own sit down with a pen and paper) and walk your way through your vision of the event. Note down all of the details required to pull off your event, including manpower, equipment, outside parties and the budget needed to pay for everything. Play devil’s advocate and write down the things that could prove fatal to a successful event. 


6. Shout it out loud 

Once you have your event planned you need to get your marketing hat on. First step is get the word out to all relevant parties by a range of different mediums (email, social media, signage and advertising etc). Build media awareness by engaging with key local and social media influencers. Invite them to the event to cover and review the event. Great publicity can help make your event a success even for those who are unable to attend. 

 7. Deliver on game day

To get the best out of both yourself and your team on the day of the event make sure that everything is in place. From presentations and required collateral, to name tags and client gifts, you will feel much more comfortable and in control if you are not running around trying to catch up at the last minute. And while you may have planned everything to perfection, understand that things often can and do go wrong. Being well planned will help you to roll with the punches, find solutions and keep the event running smoothly. 


8. The work doesn’t stop there

Congratulations on hosting your work event, but know the real work starts! Hopefully your event allowed for great dialogue with your clients and helped to build on your relationships. Before the dust settles and everyone moves on to the next item engage your client to stay forefront in their mind and to cement all of your good work. From an organizational view spend some time to reflect and critique on your event: what worked well, what could have been done better. Not only will this assist you with your next event, it will highlight the great work you did in running this one.

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