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Start 2019 on the right track with 10 expert team building tips


A well run and invigorating team building event can have a huge benefit to both your business and your employees. It can provide a boost for the spirit and effectiveness of any group. Other benefits include better understanding, clearer focus and much stronger motivation.

If it is your job to organise the next work “team building event” it is a big responsibility. Here are some tips and ideas to make your event a well-planned and memorable success.


1. What’s My Theme:
Set the tone and purpose of your event clearly and effectively with a theme that hits the spot. “Annual Team building Get-together” is not going to excite many participants. Try to come up with an exciting and imaginative title that links to both the company and the goals you are wanting to achieve.


2. Don’t Keep A Secret:
Drive enthusiasm and buy in from participants by giving them some information about what is planned. Use memos, bulletin boards, posters and internal meetings to arouse people’s curiosity and get them ready for the event.

For sessions incorporating a high level of discussion and brainstorming you may want to give staff members a ‘heads up’ notification so that they can come in with some fresh ideas ready.

While certain activities will surely be best kept as a surprise, you might task certain individuals with preparing a business presentation, or selected teams with creating and rehearsing an entertainment item.

3. Get Out of the House:
Taking the team building off site is a great way to streamline the operation. Not only will you remove the distractions and temptations that occur when only arm’s length away from your workstation, a fresh and new location can provide participants with a mental holiday to clear their heads and open them to new ideas and ways of thinking.


4. A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That:

Studies have shown that meetings and workshops that run a varied program of events with changes in activities and energy levels create the best results. Keep staff motivated and interest levels high by using a full range of team building activities. You may have “hard work” sections with speeches about the future and workshops on current business problems. You may have “play hard” sections with team games and outdoor challenges. You may include social ingredients through mealtime activities, awards and entertainment.


5. Don’t Overpack the Suitcase:
While a schedule full of varied activities and events will keep participation and results high, resist the temptation off squeezing too much into the agenda. Allow enough time between each activity for discussion, learning and application back to the job. It’s better to have a full day with two team building games and enough time for discussion than a “stuffed” day with three or four games with little time for reflection.

6. The Takeaway Order:
During your activities be sure to have a ‘Car Park’ or notice board to jot down all of the points that need to be followed up after the activities are over. Appoint a designated person whose job it is not only to take note of all relevant items as they are raised, but also to document and distribute as required once the event has concluded.

7. Thanks for the Memories:
Whether it is a hired photographer or videographer, be sure to get some pictures/footage of your big event. Not only will it keep the attendees animated and excited about all you accomplished, it will help to educate the broader business of your department’s goings on.


8. Reach Out, I’ll Be There:
The old adage Many Hands Make Light Work could have been created for the team workplace. Not only do extra bodies help to spread the workload, they provide insight and information that may not have otherwise been present. Be identifying and including employees on the periphery into your activities you will not only let them know that they are a part of the team, but add another opinion and perspective on how to improve as a team.


9. Get Buy In:
It is no use holding a team building event if it doesn’t serve as a catalyst for change for the better. Set team goals and targets for not only the company, but also for individual employees. Have each person complete an action planning list, personal promise statement or some other vehicle to ensure the effect of the team building last long after the day to day work resumes.


10. A Few Well Deserved Pats on the Back:
Be sure to thank the people who worked so hard to set up and run the team building event. A small gift to thank them for their hard work and efforts would be greatly appreciated.



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