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Energize staff with a unique team building activity


The modern workplace is a very different landscape to the ultra-competitive ones of years gone by. Collaboration and co-operation between employees are key traits in building a positive and successful team. To help develop the skills and knowledge to become more supportive and interactive, more and more companies are investing both time and money in undertaking regular team-building activities.

While some team-building activities may only take an hour or two, others may be spread over multiple days and include interstate or even overseas travel. While these activities are often seen as a nice break from the day to day office grind, team-building activities are designed with a serious purpose: to better develop the skills, knowledge and communication of your staff.

A successful team-building activity can have several positive flow on effects for both your individual employees, and the team as a whole:

·         Increased motivation –

Team building activities can help increase employee motivation in several ways. When a group of employees engage in a team building activity together it creates momentum and makes them feel good about themselves, it increases employees’ confidence in their, and their team’s, ability and it also shows employees that the organisation is willing to invest in them.


·         Improve workplace morale –

A positive and enthusiastic team will create good morale in the workplace. Team building programs can often identify barriers to positive morale and highlight strategies to create more fun and positivity in day-to-day work.


·         Shared fun and bonding –

Team-building exercises are meant to be fun and engaging for everyone. Unique team-building exercises that everyone can participate in equally allow for a fully shared experience. The occasion allows the success of each other’s achievements, often with laughter and a combined competitive spirit. These moments overflow into the work environment, giving people a connection and improving overall company morale.


·         Increased collaboration –

Team-building exercises are designed to make people interact and discuss activities in nonwork ways. The exercise forces people to communicate and work together in an unfamiliar scenario. This has far-reaching benefits. Not only do co-workers learn more about each other's talents and skills, they might also learn about their cultural history. This opens eyes as to why people might act or speak differently from one another.


·         Improved communication –

Perhaps the key benefit of a team building activity is improved communication between employees. Enjoyable, fun activities enable employees to get to know each other in a more social setting and create a better understanding of each other by seeing each other in a completely new, level and non-work-related environment.


Team building activities can be a powerful way to develop collaboration and trust, improve motivation, nurture strengths, and address weaknesses. When properly executed, they can have a real purpose and make a genuine impact, rather than just providing ‘a nice day out of the office’.


A team-building event at Race Party is a high adrenaline experience that will provide your staff with a highly challenging and fast paced activity like nothing else. Working in teams, staff members work together to race around our two 40 metre slot car race tracks. Taking turns, team members work as either the driver in control of the car, or as a track marshal, working quickly to returned crashed cars to the track.

Fully hosted and with a range of racing options and team challenges, a team building session at Race Party can be run for groups of 10 or more. Complete meeting facilities are available including audio visual options, while food and beverage catering options are also available.

To book your Race Party team building session, or for more information go to raceparty.com, or call us on 03 9882 1391.

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Well it’s time to revisit all that slot-car racing again at Race Party!

You will race your friends, family or colleagues on custom designed, state of the art race tracks, using model slot cars and remote controls.

When not racing you can be a spectator or a marshal getting your friend’s racing cars back on the track too!


Try the Albert Park track for it’s challenging corners and loops or the Monaco track for it’s own loops, angles and super fast runs.
Test yourself, by controlling your car while outracing your opponents.

Enjoy the thrill and diversion of Race Party. Ideal to get the creative juices flowing, de-stressing after a busy day or just celebrating fun times and special events. Race Party has something for absolutely everyone!


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