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20th Birthday Celebration Guide

So you’re about to leave the teenage years and enter your twenties? As a fully fledged adult, there are two ways that you can usher your path into this new era. You can go ‘full grownup’ and celebrate with an event that screams “Look at how responsible and sophisticated I am”, or you can cling onto your youth with a party that pays homage to all of the fun and frivolity of your childhood.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, we have a few ideas that will help you plan a truly memorable 20th birthday event.

A more adult affair:

  • A dinner party with blind wine tasting – There is no better way to show your graduation to your twenties than to host a sumptuous dinner party, and to build your wine knowledge and appreciation. Invite your closest friends to a decadent meal (make it yourself, or if you feel particularly flush with money, get it catered), and pair the meal with a blind tasting of select wines.This is a wonderful way to engage in a night of great food, increase your wine knowledge, and enjoy the company of those closest to you.

  • A VIP night of on the town - Put on your finest clothes and hit the town for a night to remember. It doesn’t matter if it the hottest dance club or a speakeasy jazz retreat, put your best foot forward and own the club with the confidence of your twenty year old self! Get organised early enough to book space in the venue’s VIP area or private booths to make the experience one to remember.

Mature, but still young at heart:

  • A classic movie night at home - Turn your backyard into your own outdoor cinema with an inflatable movie screen and projector. Grab your beanbags and heat up the popcorn as you and your crew settle in for an evening of your favourite flicks, all in the comfort of your backyard. From a casual BBQ to themed options such as hot dogs and burgers, cater your event to reflect both the movie playlist and your personal style. For the video game tragic you can replace the movies with your favourite console for an ultimate video game night.

  • A nostalgic activity with a modern twist - You may be out of your teens, but that doesn’t mean you are too old for classic games. Many of the childhood games that you played in your youth are back, and they come with an adult twist! Activities such as slot car racing and tenpin bowling are no longer just for kids. Fully licensed and with modern lighting and the latest music, a birthday celebration at a venue such as Race Party provides all the fun and excitement of your childhood memories in a contemporary and adult venue that all of your guests will love. 

Whatever type of celebration you choose, be sure to that it is something that has special meaning and one on which you can look back fondly in the years to come.

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