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Team Bonding Activities Melbourne

Team bonding activities cannot only re-shape the work ethic of your employees, but it can rejuvenate your business's goals and values too.

Team building exercises can help your business grow, especially if the event has been catered to your company’s goals and principles.

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At Race Party, we’re dedicated to delivering fun team building activities that can affect your business positively for years to come.

Why Choose Us for Your Group Bonding Activities?

At Race Party, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the finest quality service that is tailored to your business needs. We ensure that every aspect of your group activities links back to the message you’re trying to present to your staff.

When you choose us as your venue for your team bonding activities, you’ll find that your team are more engaged and enthusiastic at work than ever before.

Furthermore, we have a range of packages and add-ons that can completely change your team building experience. These variations mean that every Race Party event is unique, therefore giving you the chance to provide your staff with an enjoyable day out that everyone will enjoy.

How Can Group Bonding Activities Help Your Business Grow?

We understand that your company is your heart and soul, so it is crucial that whatever you do will always benefit your business. Not many people realise that team building activities can improve the overall state of a business and drive it to success at an accelerated rate.

The reasons why team bonding activities can have this profound effect is because it can:

•    Improves Communication. When your employees can communicate calmly and confidently with one another, it makes them better at their job. They’re more likely to engage with each other on projects and find mistakes much quicker. Our events can help bring your employees closer together and help create a better social environment at work.

•    Allows for Creativity. You want people in your business who will think outside the box and people who are proactive when pursuing jobs and tasks that need to be completed.

Your staff are more likely to offer quirky ideas when they have time to let the creative part of their brain work.

•    Improves Motivation. Getting away from the tired circle of work can make a massive difference when it comes to your employees’ work ethic. One day doing something fun can make them more energetic for months at work, meaning they’re more likely to work harder and become more productive.

Find Out More About Our Group Bonding Activities Today

If you want to find more information on our team building activities in Melbourne, then you can contact us through our online enquiry form or via phone.

A knowledgeable team member will be in touch with you as soon as possible to respond to your questions.

Race Party are an exciting slot car racing company that provide fantastic corporate team building activities Melbourne wide as well as corporate events, group activities, team building activities & kids birthday parties. Race Party also acts as a brilliant kids birthday party venue & is great for birthday party ideas for all ages.

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Non-Stop Action



Work together for the best overall time, last man standing, and lap records in one of our two world class slot car racing tracks modelled on Monaco and Albert Park. Your host keeps the action happening with live commentary, making sure everyone is having fun.



Up to 8 people race their slot cars at the same time with plenty of change-overs between races. But there's no downtime - when they're not racing, you will be working as track marshals, keeping the action going, and keeping track of their team's best lap times!



Conveniently located 17 minutes from the city, near the Camberwell junction. Race Party lives upstairs at 97 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East.

There is parking available at the rear of our premises in Harold Street


Hello, World!

Noirin and the guys just made it so easy. Everything was taken care of and we could just relax and enjoy the day.
— Denise
It was great to see the kids all looking up at each other instead of a screen for once! We’ll definitely be back.
— Sandra
Thanks for a fantastic 14th birthday party for James and his friends. It was exciting with all the races and the host knew what games and races the boys preferred and did more of them. Great service – great party – thanks again!
— Lisa


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